Play to Earn
There are several ways in which you can play to earn in Legends of Bezogia:
1. Collecting Magical Blocks ($BLKs) by killing enemies
When an enemy is killed, it breaks down into a number of $BLKs that can be collected by the player. $BLKs come in 8 different colors, as follows:
$BLKS can be collected in game and traded openly on DeFi exchanges such as QuickSwap or UniSwap.
2. Summoning Bezogi and selling them
There is a starting total supply of 4096 Bezogi, this supply can be increased by using 2 Bezogi to summon more, similar to a breeding function. Mix and match Bezogi to summon powerful and unique Bezogi. Hoard your Bezogi like the famous Fud King of Bezogia, or start your own summoning business and sell your summoned Bezogi at Bull Market.
Each Bezogi has it’s own unique attributes based on the coloring of it’s body parts, each representing a different percentage of skill boost. The breed and DNA of Bezogis is directly derived from the two Bezogi used to summon, the purer the blood of the summoners, the higher the chance of getting a rare, epic or even purebred Bezogi.
3. Minting in-game items and selling them
The mythical weapons and items in the lands of Bezogia are minted directly from blocks ($BLKs). Use your blocks to mint legendary weapons and items such as the Green Candle, a rock-solid sword strong enough to crack a skull or ten, often used to light the way while hunting down foes in dark caves.
Or perhaps the legendary Gas Mask created by the purebred Freezogi, a crudely engineered bio-enhancing Gas Mask, which melds with their face, attaching horrifically to the teeth, which, when activated, supplies a constant stream of intoxicating gas. The dreaded mask, which when seen in the dark sends shivers down the spines of everything in view, gives Bezogi a sudden pump in strength and stamina.
Collect magical blocks ($BLKs) in the lands of Bezogia and mint your own collection of mythical NFT items that you can sell on the open market.
4. Winning $BLKs and $BEZOGE from in-game PVP competition
A percentage of all blocks earned from enemies killed in the game will be added to a season prize pool. Players will fight together in their breeds to win the prize each season to see which breed can get the most kills and collect the most blocks.
The prize will be distributed to all players who contributed to the winning breed based on the amount of blocks collected and number of enemies killed. For example, if player 1 collected 10% of the total blocks collected by the Darkzogi breed, they would receive 10% of the prize pool.
5. Renting out Bezogis (DeRent)
Owners of Bezogi NFTs can rent them out while they're not using them to enjoy passive income from other players.
Legends of Bezogia is designed to be a mainstream game that can be played by anyone, regardless of whether or not they're invested in crypto. In order to achieve this, the game features a fully decentralized NFT rental platform that will allow players to rent NFTs to use in game without any collateral or gas fees. This makes it possible for non-crypto gamers to play Legends of Bezogia just like any other free to play game with zero barrier to entry.
As the number of active players increases, we believe the barrier to entry to own a Bezogi will increase, making it more difficult for new players to own their own Bezogi. This problem can be solved with Decentralized Bezogi rental, or as we call it (DeRent). New players will no longer need to own an NFT to play the game, they can simply open the game, select which Bezogi to rent and start playing in just a few clicks.
As the player plays the game, when they kill enemies and collect blocks a certain percentage of the blocks collected will be paid to the owner of the NFT as a rental fee.
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